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KVIP Device RAM Upgrade!

LDCloud has recently upgraded the configuration of KVIP cloud phone devices. This upgrade includes adding virtual memory to KVIP devices. Let's see what's new in this update.

How to Use LDCloud on iOS without Downloading

If you would like to use LDCloud on iOS without downloading, please follow our tutorial to use LDCloud web version on iOS seamlessly.

LDCloud Price Adjustment Notice

Dear users, we have made some price adjustments to the KVIP series. You can check the latest prices in the app. Moreover, All K series equipment can be replaced free of charge.

[END]Romantic Sale is Online!

Chinese Valentine's Day is coming. Let's enjoy the romantic Chinese Valentine's Day together with LDCloud!

Download Games via LDC Store with Fastest Download Speed

Dear users, please download games via LDC store. With LDC store, you can donwload & install games faster on LDCloud.

Performance Upgrade, Free Replacement

[end]New Devices, New promotion!

the LDCloud has been updated

The Recruitment of LDCloud Pioneer Test Group Members

Join LDCloud Pioneer Test Group, get more rewards!

[END]Hot Summer Giveaway: Redemption Codes!

Hot Summer Giveaway Event, Get More Diamonds to Exchange Duration!

[END]Free diamond collection Notice

LDCloud Free Diamond Event, get redemption code now!

[END]Summer Snapshots: Image & Video Contest!

Participate and Win Brand-new 60-DAY XVIP device!

How to fix the Connection Error with Roblox

[END]Join LDCloud's Affiliate Program Survey and Earn Rewards!

[END]Dragon Boat Specials: All Devices on Sale!

Up to 42% Off!

How to install Seal M on LDCloud

Seal M Sea installation Guide

How to Solve Access Issues with Seal M Sea

Please disable ROOT before enter the game

Cloud Phone Plan Rename Notice

KVIP9 is renamed as SVIP

[END]Diamond Discount, Enjoy More Duration

Fewer diamonds, more duration

[END] Infinite Joy, Children's Day Event!

Children's Day Sharing Event

[END]Children's Day Special is Here!

Up to 35% Off!